Know Bakul

Bakul is a romantic attempt to explore what can happen when people like you come together with your little contribution.It is an attempt to inspire and encourage individuals like you to be the change you want in the world.In other words, Bakul is a movement for volunteerism in India starting with state of Odisha.

We are an ever growing group of people like you,who believe that real change can happen when we become the change we want in the world.We believe if we all come together with our small energies and little contributions,We can bring about the change we want in underdevelopement,poverty,injustice and environmental destruction around us.We are the students,retired persons,home makers,working professionals and we are spread out all across the world.Every day,more people join our movement.

Today,it could be U.

“Somewhere on this planet,someone has a solution to each of the world’s needs. It might be one of us.With your help we can build a more helpful world ”


  • True, we are registered as a society and are, therefore, an NGO. But we work in a way that is very different to most NGOs. For us, Bakul is not an organization; it is an idea, an idea of what can happen when we come together. It is also a movement because only a movement can bring about substantial change.
  • Therefore, anyone present anywhere can become a part of Bakul. We are not a fixed group of people. We keep growing and evolving and we want to grow further in terms of having more of you with us. There is no Membership Fee or Mandatory Requirements.
  • Unlike most other NGOs, we are not just interested in doing good work. What we are interested in is how we can inspire many more people to do the good work with us.
  • Wanting to mobilize others puts the pressure on us of doing excellent and inspirational selfless work. Moreover, if we do not do good work and are not proud of the work we are doing, we will not remain with Bakul ourselves. The easiest thing for a volunteer is to exit.
  • To inspire more and more people to volunteer, we try and demonstrate what is achievable entirely through volunteerism. For instance, our children’s library.
  • For us, Bakul is a platform where people like-minded people like us can come together.

Therefore, if you have an idea for how society or some section of it can benefit from your volunteerism, at Bakul, you could mobilize people around you from among us and together we could make it happen


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